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Honorable Moments

We honor our Veterans who have served our country both in the past, present and future. We value those who love and protect us. We recognize our Veteran’s this month!

There are many ways in which to demonstrate and experience the meaning of the word “honor”.

To serve one’s country and risk one’s life is certainly a demonstration of honor for country and others. We certainly do honor our Veteran’s on November 11th and everyday.

When we express appreciation and patience in our love toward others we reflect to them their value and worth: we honor them.

Remembering others on their birthdays with a phone call, card or gift is a wonderful way to make someone feel specially honored.

Perhaps it is those unexpected “Random Acts of Kindness” that are seldom forgotten because these memories are stored in a special part of our brain and heart: maybe even our souls. An unexpected personal visit from a friend or relative is priceless in value!

The Book, “The Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach identifies ‘Acts of Love’ as the Bridge that extends into Eternity. The author reflects upon the sickening feelings of dread and regret as the “unexpressed love” that will be the source of our deepest angst and pathos.

As we give love and honor to others, we will ourselves be filled with feelings of satisfaction and well-being.