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Spring Cleaning! Five Ways to Downsize Thoughtfully


Are you thinking of moving to a senior living community but worried about downsizing? Though downsizing can feel like a big job, it can be simplified with the right planning and techniques. Check out our tips for getting organized before your move and kick off your Spring Cleaning!


Find Your Motivation

Starting to get organized may seem difficult, but drawing inspiration from your personal goals can be a great way to get things moving. If you're excited about having fewer chores or more social events in your senior living community, let that excitement drive you forward.

Consider how you will fill and decorate your new space! This is an enjoyable way to decide which items to bring to your new home. We are happy to help you create a furniture plan for your future residence at The Village of Meyerland. Having a list of items you want to keep will simplify the decision-making process.


Find Your Process

Downsizing can be tackled in multiple ways. It is essential to find the approach that resonates with you. Consider when you feel most driven during the day. If you’re a morning person, consider setting aside time in the morning. Another tip is to listen to music while organizing to keep your energy levels up. Try out different methods to discover the organization style that best suits you.

Tip: Allocate specific time for working and resting to ensure a smoother process.


One Step at a Time 

If you are someone who thrives on efficiency, this packing tip is just for you! We recommend tackling one space at a time to feel a sense of completion after organizing a packed closet or messy desk. The satisfaction of crossing off tasks on your to-do list is always gratifying!


Build Different Piles 

We understand that your possessions may have sentimental significance and letting go of them can be tough. Sorting your items into four different piles is recommended to ensure they are all put to good use.

  • Keep - This is the easy one! Save items that you know you'll love having in your new home.

  • Gift - If you have items taking up space in your home that you no longer need, consider giving them to your children, grandchildren, or neighbors who could make good use of them.

  • Donate - By donating to nonprofit organizations, you can ensure that your gently used items will be appreciated by a new owner! Check out local resale shops in your area, as some may offer complimentary furniture collection services.

  • Discard - While it may not be as fun, experiencing quick relief by throwing items in the trash or recycling bin is a rewarding feeling.

Tip: If you're unsure if you'll miss something, reflect on whether you have utilized it in the past year. If not, it's probable you won't need it in the future.


Get Labeling 

Make sure to label every box with the items and corresponding room before packing. This method will assist in prioritizing unpacking tasks and locating items easily when needed.

Tip: Don't forget to prepare a designated box labeled "Right Away" for important items like glasses, medications, and chargers that you will need right after moving day.


Make downsizing less daunting with these helpful tips! Downsizing can result in a more orderly home, less maintenance stress, and more community activities at The Village of Meyerland.

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