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What does Independence Mean to You? Strategies for Maintaining the Life You Love


What does independence mean to you? To us, it means making your own choices and living on your own terms. At the Village of Meyerland, we understand that true independence thrives with the right support. Here are our tips for maintaining and enhancing your lifestyle. 

Staying Fit 

Staying active can help you maintain your independence because it can slow the effects of aging! We offer a variety of programs to help you stay strong and capable. From lively group classes to personalized routines, our goal is to find a fitness plan that suits your unique needs. At the Village of Meyerland, we champion your wellness at every stage.

A Full Social Calendar

Connection and laughter make life more fun! Our community calendar is full of ways to enjoy just that – outings to Houston’s best eateries, creative workshops, and competitive game nights. Socializing isn't just about fun – it also boosts your mental and physical health according to the National Library of Medicine!

More Time for What You Want 

Senior living is about ditching the chores for more freedom in your day-to-day life! Our dedicated team handles home chores and meal prep, giving you hours back in your day. This means having more time for hobbies, family dinners, or simple relaxation. 

Choose a community that prioritizes your time, and unlocks new levels of independence. Here at the Village of Meyerland, you'll find the resources and support to live the independent life you love. Ready to explore a lifestyle designed for your freedom? Schedule a tour!

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